It's not just about the pop


It's about Grabbing interest...

     Generally speaking, the artists at Hot Pop Art paint and create what they envision for their ideal living environment. For me (R.E.D) personally, things took another turn around 2003 when I couldn't find a Duck Hunt poster. Or any Nintendo poster for that matter, so I decided to make my own. Lots of trial and error, meticulous detail work and countless wads of tape led to a plethora of pixel pieces.

     Those pixel pieces generated a lot of interest at ComicCon, and various other venues around San Diego. Even gaining some celebrity endorsement along the way. 


It's about Generating Excitement!

     Whether buying or selling a painting, they both almost generate the same level of excitement. Selling a painting in person is the most rewarding, especially when the buyers enthusiasm is high. 

     As for our celebrity endorser, her excitement was through the roof. A MegaMan painting commissioned over the phone was an honor considering she is an incredible artist herself. When finally meeting I found out she was young, incredibly beautiful and wearing a bikini. This was Pacific Beach in San Diego after all. After some conversation, a cash exchange and a hug she was practically skipping away in joy with the huge, bright painting in hand. 

     That's the kind of excitement we strive for in every transaction with you and believe me, WE DELIVER!


Become part of the Revolution!

     In Numerology, 8 is the symbol for infinity as its keeps revolving, landing back on itself. Even repetition can be a form of change. The art displayed here may not all technically be "Pop", but the content is usually based on familiar things in our lives. Things we see again and again without notice like the Coca-Cola symbol or McDonald's Golden Arches.

     We experiment and excel with every type of medium available. From arylic paintings, alabaster and clay sculpture, photography, graphic design, logo creations and more. Whatever you need, we can create. "The sky is NOT the limit".

     When you purchase a piece from HPA you can rest assured that it will last for generations with the right care. Not only that, you are also logged into our mailing list and will recieve stickers, prints and various gifts from time to time to show our appreciation. You are in essence becoming part of the family, part of the Revolution!