our featured artist: Ryan E. Davis "RED"



     An accomplished graphic designer and established painter, Ryan "RED" is a native to Southern California where he still resides. Ryan has studied art throughout his life but focused on Graphic Design and Art History while attending Cal State Northridge. As a worker he is a jack of MOST trades having worked in construction at an early age with his father, then later as a general contractor in San Diego, CA. An avid surfer and skydiver he is a constant adventure seeker. 

    In his late teens and early 20's Ryan was well known locally as a graffiti muralist, but after too many dealings with "people of the night" he decided to put his work on canvas. Mostly concentrating on his own style of Pop art he sold many paintings on Ebay in the late 90's and Early 2000's. Unfortunately due to the events of 9/11 it was no longer profitable so he went to work in the trades. 



The Death of One Passion, Gives Life to Another

      Eventually turning to his life long passion for automobiles he became a fully certified mechanic/ technician. All the while creating different artworks from many different mediums, or dreaming of new projects. 

     As most hard workers know, the harder you work the more most companies want to use you up. RED's passion for all things automotive was diminishing after years in a very thankless career. Not regretting choices, he decided to finally re-establish himself in the art world. As the owner of HPA and E-Star design he is constantly striving to create waves in the Pop art world. 

     Before leaving San Diego he was fortunate enough to sell a few more pieces of "Nintendo Art" at Comicon as well as commissions from a now, very notable celebrity. She is also a very talented artist so these were some of his proudest commissions  so far.


Trust Statement

All works sold by Hot Pop Art (HPA) Studios are guaranteed as far as shipping, quality and overall customer satisfaction. We strive towards and have constantly maintained a 100% approval rating. Each piece will include a certificate of authenticity as well as a small letter from the artist about the piece.